Director’s Note

Over the ten years I worked in a rape crisis centre & transition house, I absorbed thousands of stories about love and powerlessness. Thanks to women's collective honesty I have come to understand that despite real differences in our lives, we share many fundamental experiences, and unfortunetly they include gross mistreatment from the opposite sex.

Most women know what it’s like to have a best friend in love with a loser, and to be fair, many of us have loved a loser, and driven our best friends crazy. This rings true across race and class. Every woman I have talked to can easily relate. 

For this project, any combination of people could have worked, and it would have been fun to create several versions, to see how cultural differences would have affected the outcome. I recognize that even if race is not addressed explicitly in a script, the actor’s race always carries social meaning, and therefore, stereotypes must be challenged. 

For Cormekia and I it was important that our cast be African Nova Scotian. The under and misrepresentation of Black people on screen and behind the scenes remains a problem everywhere, but particularly in our region, which has the largest per capita and oldest Black population in Canada. Besides, I knew exactly the talent I wanted for the female roles and I'm so happy Samm and Kirsten agreed. 

I figured I might take some heat as a white woman and be accused of telling a Black story. However, I stand by the universality of the script and I’m proud that a Black cast brings it to life. Furthermore, the script provided ample freedom for the actors to create multi-dimensional characters, and in that way, express their Blackness authentically and without my direction.

Cormekia and I also ensured that our crew was dominated by women of multiple races and men of colour. To achieve that composition we made an extra effort in recruitment, but it didn’t require that much work. In other words, it can easily be done. 

I hope you enjoy the film in the spirit in which is was made. 

Tamar Jacoba Dina